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Hi, My name is Jason Grimm and I grew up in Eastern Iowa.  I received a degree in Biology from Luther College and then went on to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic, the fountainhead of Chiropractic.  Opening Nevada Family Chiropractic in Story County has been a wonderful and rewarding experience to work with people from the surrounding area and right here in Nevada, ranging from athletes, elderly, kids, hard-working adults and infants.

I was brought to Chiropractic through sports.  While playing football at Luther College, I was in the habit of making tackles.  With the jarring of the neck through a high-impact sport, often times the disc of the spine would get irritated, swollen and “out of place”.  Not only pain brought me to Chiropractic though.  Headaches also accompanied the neck pain due to the nerves of the lower neck getting irritated from the pressure put on them by the swollen discs of the spine.  Because of Chiropractic adjustments I was able to health and continue playing at peak physical performance.

What are your hobbies and interest outside of Chiropractic?  I have a wonderful wife who is a teacher and loves working with kids as well as coaching softball and volleyball here in Nevada.  Our two boys are a constant source of excitement for us.  There is no better combination than wonderful weather and enjoying the time to be outdoor enjoying grilling, hunting or getting back to the roots of farming with the kids.  We are only going to be allowed so many sunny days in our lifetimes, don’t take them for granted!  Get out and enjoy them!!!

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What is special about being a Chiropractor?  Everyday is a new and fun challenge.  There is no prescription for fixing someone.  Everyone has a unique problem with their spine and the challenge involves always finding a better way to adjust the person in front of me.  Imagine seeing not only the pain and headaches disappear, but reclaiming the function in life.  Results can be as simple as regaining the ability to turn the head and check for oncoming traffic or complex like relieving the agony that forces someone to crawl into the office on their hands and knees so that they may stand upright and walk.

Favorite Quote:  “Find it, Accept it where you find it, Fix it, Leave it alone.”  C.S Gonstead