Welcome in taking your first steps in regaining your health with us!  You may be completely new to Chiropractic, or you are deciding to make a switch to our office.  We will first start off with some paperwork and forms.  You can fill out the forms when you come in for your first visit or you can download the form at the link below.

Click here to download New Patient Forms

Dr. Jason uses the Gonstead system to evaluate and adjust the spine.  The key analytical components to the Gonstead system are using a nervoscope, palpation, x-rays.


  • After reviewing paperwork, Dr. Jason will use a sensitive heat sensing device known as a nervoscope that detects differences in heat produced by irritated nerves in the spine.  This is used as an indicator to pinpoint your problem.
  • Motion palpation and static palpation will be used as the doctor feels all of the bones of the spine to detect segments that are not moving (fixation), have swelling or edema and localized tenderness of the spine.  Dr. Jason will also take into consideration the posture, muscle tissue changes, and discussion about what activities are aggravating the condition.
  • X-rays share information about the condition of the spinal segments affected.  Like a blueprint, x-rays give insight on the current position of the vertebra and the best plan for correcting the misalignments of your spine.

With the evaluation of your spine complete and with your understanding of the subluxations present, a chiropractic adjustment will be given to your spine.  This involves specifically contacting your spine, by hand, and utilizing a force in the correct direction to re-establish the normal position of your vertebra and pelvis.  This will help improve the range of motion, decrease swelling and remove nerve pressure produced by the subluxated segments.  Dr. Jason will have instructions for you to best protect and heal the injury that brought you to your current health issue and will have supporting details to help you prevent future injuries as well.